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TSM Desk

Digital Suspension Control System with graphical user interface to operate motorized IFF pantograph and Hoists.

Product Code FF3991Y
Category Control Systems
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TSM Desk


  • Color digital touch screen with layout icons to navigate through the graphical user interfaces
  • Graphical display reflects the actual studio layout with numbers assigned to each hoist to ensure an easy and fast operation
  • Select one or multiple hoists on the touchscreen and start the operation via joystick
  • Create and operate group of hoist - up to 192 hoists
  • Save, load, and recall group of hoists
  • USB port for upload new softwares and save memory
  • User interfaces are password protected
  • Mushroom button switch for emergency stop
  • Start push button to power up the control system and the switch board
  • Fanless operating mode
  • Steel Cabinet with lockable front door


Advanced Features

  • Bi-directional data transfer on CAN bus in real time between control panel and hoist
  • Feedback signals regarding the status of each hoist such as hoist reached top or bottom end position, overload, slack wire are displayed
  • Creating pre-set positions for single hoist or group of hoists
  • Save and recall a studio set-up
  • Driving hoists to target positions
  • Variable speed control via joystick


Remote Control (optional)

  • Wired or Wireless hand-held remote control

TSM Desk


Power Supply 100-240Vac, 50/60 Hz
Control Outputs CAN bus (via CAT5e)

17" touchscreen monitor, 1024x768 resolution

Construction Desk version - Black finished
Dimension 664x540x142 mm


TSM Desk

TSM Desk

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