Heavy Duty Lighting Hoists

Line Shaft Hoist

Lighting and Scenery Hoist with up to 18m (49’) long traveling connector strip for up to 72 lighting circuits and/or up to 21m lighting bar. Max drop up to 18 m, standard max load up to 1100 kg.

The modular drum & shaft design for the IFF Line Shaft Hoist offers a wide range of design options for heavy duty onstage electric hoists or scenery hoists. Steel shafts with universal joints connect 4 helical grooved aluminum drums with the drive unit. The drive unit can be placed anywhere between 2 drums or at the end of the hoist assembly. The soft start/stop minimizes the dynamic impact onto the building structure during the operation. Each Hoist is equipped with a current injection brake, an integrated motor brake, and 2 secondary brakes to exceed the highest safety standards of the industry.


Product Code FF3770
Category Heavy Duty Lighting Hoists
Brand IFF logo

Line Shaft Hoist


FF3770 Standard version 
Attachment for lights Suitable for IFF rail or 48 mm Ø pipe
Gear motor MOTOR (Max load 725 kg)
total gear ratio 105,44
2.2 kW 3-phase
permanent lubrication
MOTOR (Max load 1100 kg)
total gear ratio 105,44
2.8 kW 3-phase
permanent lubrication
Lifting rope each drum has a 6 mm Ø rope. N29.000 breaking bad. From 2 to 6 or more drums
Lifting speed (average) 126 mm/s
Lighting circuits up to 72
Safety switches 1 + 1 adjustable for max and min position
2 adjustable operating limits
lower and upper limit (factory preset) over travel protection
1 slack wire detection for each cable
Electrical motor feed  400Vac - 50Hz
Electrical luminaires feed  Flat cable with size according to the sockets
Outlet options 32A IEC309, 16A IEC309, Schuko, BS1363, DMX, Audio, Video or other on request
Travel Up to 18 m

Line Shaft Hoist

FF3770 Line Shaft Hoist

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