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Scenery Hoist

The Scenery Hoist combines innovative design with the highest standards of construction and ease of installation for payloads up to 200kg. Max travel up to 14 m.

It is ideal for suspending scenery flats, curtains, lighting, speakers and a whole list more. It can be suspended by a hook, placed on a grid, on a manual carriage for IFF rail or IPE beam, on a motorized carriage for rail. The Scenery Hoist is manufactured in Italy, in accordance with the DIN 15560-46.

Product Code FF3927
Category Scenery & Chandelier Hoists
Brand IFF logo

Scenery Hoist


Maximum load/ext.  200 kg at 12 m / 160 kg at 14m
Hoist construction L0,32mxW0,51mxH0,69m
Self weight motor unit 87 kg
Counterweight hook 23 kg
Gear motor angle of slope 3°06'
1.5 kW 3-Phase 
max torque 290N/m
permanent lubrication
Lifting rope (2) 4 mm Ø - 1200 kg breaking load/each
Lifting speed (average) 100 mm/s
Top and bottom safety 1+1 adjustable switch for max and min position
Limit safety 1+1 limit switch
Slack wire safety 2 safety switches (1 switch for rope)
Overload safety 1 safety switch
Travel Up to 14 m


Scenery Hoist

FF3927 - Scenery hoist

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