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Breaker panel with E-stop circuit for IFF Hoists.

Product Code FF3960Y004U - FF3960Y012U
Category Control Systems
Brand IFF logo


FF3960Y004U - FF3960Y012U


Code Enclosure H x W x D
FF3960Y001 breaker panel for 1 hoist 500x400x250 19.7"x15.8"x 9.8"
FF3960Y002 breaker panel for 2 hoists 500x400x250 19.7"x15.8"x 9.8"
FF3960Y003 breaker panel for 3 hoists 500x400x250 19.7"x15.8"x 9.8"
FF3960Y004 breaker panel for 4 hoists 500x400x250 19.7"x15.8"x 9.8"
FF3960Y006 breaker panel for 6 hoists 700x500x250 27.6"x19.7"x9.8"
FF3960Y007 breaker panel for 7 hoists 700x500x250 27.6"x19.7"x9.8"
FF3960Y008 breaker panel for 8 hoists 700x500x250 27.6"x19.7"x9.8"
FF3960Y010 breaker panel for 10 hoists 700x500x250 27.6"x19.7"x9.8"
FF3960Y012 breaker panel for 12 hoists 700x500x250 27.6"x19.7"x9.8"
Electrical connection   
Voltage 220 VAC  3-phase + GRD 208 VAC  3phase + GRD
Main switch
Start push button
One power on/off indicator lamp per phase
Emergency stop push button
3-phase breaker for each motor line
24 V transformer for E-stop circuit



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