Manual Pantographs

MONO P.O. Pantograph

Manual, pole operated pantograph for single loads of up to 40kg (88Lbs).

The self-locking drum winch mechanism with two steel cables support loads under static and dynamic conditions. The specially designed sheet metal scissors add stability and are furnished with cable clips for power cables.

Product Code FF3800
Category Manual Pantographs
Brand IFF logo

MONO P.O. Pantograph


Code Extension Closed height Working load Weight
FF3800 Y030 3.0 m 9'-10" 0.78 m 31" 40 kg 88 Lbs 15.1 kg 33 Lbs
FF3800 Y040 4.0 m 13'-1" 0.85 m 33" 40 kg 88 Lbs 16.4 kg 36 Lbs
FF3800 Y050 5.0 m 16'-4" 0.92 m 36" 40 kg 88 Lbs 17.7 kg 39 Lbs
FF3800 Y060 6.0 m 19'-8" 0.99 m 39" 40 kg 88 Lbs 19 kg 42 Lbs


Top 28 mm spigot 1-1/8" spigo
Bottom 28 mm bushing 1-1/8" bushing


Pole operated   
Steel cable Two 2 mm galvanized carbon steel aircraft cable
*Cable for lighting circuit is not included


Technical Drawings

MONO P.O. Pantograph


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