Self-Climbing Lighting Hoists

ACTA20 Studio Lift

Self-Climbing lighting hoist with up to 3 m (10') pipe and up to 6 lighting circuits

Onboard motor self-climbing hoist to raise and lower lighting fixtures. Provides easy and fast access to install and service studio lighting fixtures. 

The versatility and ease of installation and use make the IFF self-climbing hoists the ideal solution for high lighting grids and frequent set changes in television studios that require a quick and easy change of lighting sets.

The advantage of the ACTA 20 for the end user - studio designer, rigger or technician - is that this single motor winch answers most lifting and suspension needs, thus avoiding the use of a vast number of different single spec hoists in a studio, theater or auditorium. This, in turn, means that all stages of delivery, set-up, and use can be dramatically streamlined – new studios can be completed faster, existing studios can be kept in perfect running order without maintenance delays.

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ACTA20 Studio Lift


The self-climbing configuration is one of the most common uses of the ACTA 20, as well as the easiest and fastest to install. The ropes exit the unit vertically upwards and attach to the studio ceiling rig via a pre-mounted rail. Travel is up to 10 m (32'), while the under-hanging batten pipe can be up to 3m (10’) long, with up to 6 lighting circuits to respond to most common requirements.

  • Pre-mounted 1.5 m (5') rail (longer on request) for fast and easy installation
  • Terminal box for lighting circuits, motor power feed, remote control and low-voltage circuit connections
  • Additional support brackets (200 mm (7.8 in), for under-hanging batten pipes longer than 2 m (6')
  • Low-voltage circuits: up to 2 x DMX or 1 x Ethernet, video and audio connections available upon request
  • Up to 6 lighting circuits – any type of electrical socket can be supplied such as Schuko, IEC309 etc.
  • Batten brackets – different bracket types can support the batten pipe from the top or from the side. The latter bracket type allows the use of free-rolling carriages
  • Under-hanging batten – up to 3 m (10’) long – can be a Ø50mm (2”) pipe or an IFF rail the use of free-rolling carriages
  • Connector Strip: 1 m (3’)
  • Lighting bar: up to 3 m (10’)
  • Travel: up to 10 m (32’)
  •  Adjustable operating limits
  • Overload detection
  • Slack wire detection
  • Over travel limits
  • Thermal motor protection

ACTA20 Motor Winch

The reduced dimensions of the ACTA 20 motor unit, make it ideal for smaller or lower studios where hoist height/size is essential.

Key features:

  • Suitable for a vast range of lifting and suspension requirements
  • Replaces most single-function hoists in an installation
  • Modular and expandable
  • Can be installed in any position: horizontal, vertical, upside down
  • Easy to install, set up and maintain in any of its confi gurations
    Innovative design
More ACTA20 Configurations

The ACTA20 system is extremely flexible and adaptable. The motor winch unit can be installed centrally, to one side or even vertically on a side wall with diverter pulleys; or it can be used alone, ceiling-mounted, as a scenery hoist. Download data sheet for more information.

ACTA20 Ceiling Batten Lift
ACTA20 Wall Batten Lift
ACTA20 Linear Lift
ACTA20 Point Lift

ACTA20 Studio Lift


FF3904 STUDIO LIFT key features CE UL (E217891) / CSA
Connector strip 1000 m 3’
Batten pipe/IFF rail type 80 1 m to 3 m from 3’ to 10’
Lighting circuits 6 6
Low voltage circuits 1 ethernet or 2 x DMX, others on request (video, audio, etc.)
Safe working load 100 kg 220 Lbs
Self weight 70 kg 154 Lbs
Travel 10 m 32'
Soft start - soft stop Frequency inverter (optional)
Mounting brackets
2) FF3674 (60 to 120) mm wide I-beam 2.4" to 4.7" wide I-beam
(2) FF3968 Carriages for IFF rail type 80
Please contact IFF for special mounting requirements


FF3904 MOTOR WINCH key features CE UL (E217891) / CSA
Motor 0.75 kW - 3-phase - 400 VAC - 50Hz  2/3 HP - 3-phase - 208 VAC - 60Hz
Motor gear box Total gear ratio 100:1
Angle of slope 3°06'
Max torque 206N/m
Permanent lubrication
Travel 10 m 33'
Safe working load (on the ropes) 190 kg 400 Lbs
Self weight 55 kg 120 Lbs
Ropes* 4 AR32 19x7 steel ropes x 3.2 mm diameter
Lifting speed (average) 6 m/min 9 m/min
Dimensions 1000 x 320 x 340 mm (h)
Operating limits 1 top + 1 bottom adjustable limits
Over travel protection 1 top + 1 bottom adjustable limits
Slack rope detection 1 for each steel cable 1 for each steel cable
Overload detection 1 for each pick-up point
*the motor winch unit is supplied as standard with 20 m ropes, longer ropes are available on request. Designed in accordance with DIN 15560-46, BGVC1 and UL 1340 standards

ACTA20 Studio Lift


The advantage of the ACTA 20 system is that the base motor winch unit can be adapted to various applications simply by adding the accessory parts listed below. The parts shown are standard, but other made-to-measure accessories and extensions of the ACTA 20 system are available.

ACTA20 Studio Lift

FF3904 ACTA20

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