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Hand Held Remote Control

Remote control connected to TSM Evolution or TSM Pro to operate motorized IFF Pantographs and Hoists. With the TSM Pro, the remote control has additional features.

Product Code FF3996ER
Category Control Systems
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Hand Held Remote Control


  • Color touch screen with layout icons to navigate through the graphical user interfaces
  • Select one or multiple hoists on the touch screen and start the operation via touchscreen
  • Create and operate groups of hoists
  • Save, load, and recall groups of hoists
  • User interfaces are password protected
  • Creating pre-set positions for single hoists or a group of hoists (only with TSM Pro version)
  • Save and recall a studio setup
  • Driving hoists to target positions
  • All the operations are updated through the server-client connection to the TSM Evolution or TSM Pro to have only one archive management memory

Ordering Codes

FF3996ER03 - Wireless Digital Remote Touch Screen

FF3996ER04 - Wired Digital Remote Touch Screen 

Hand Held Remote Control


Two types of Hand Held Remote Control:

Wired Version

  • Power supply: 12-24 vdc  1,5A
  • Cable: 20m long
  • Dedicated panic button with twist release

Wireless Version

  • Power supply: 12 vdc  2,5A
  • High autonomy with dedicated battery : more than 2 hours
  • Operates during the phase of charge

Technical Drawings

Technical Features

Power Supply 12-24 vdc, 1,5A (Wired Version), 12 vdc, 2,5A (Wireless version)
Control outputs  CANBUS (Cat5e) 
Display 7” multitouch screen, 800x480 resolution, LED backlight, brightness
Construction Nylon 6.6 - black finished
Dimensions 220 x 161 x 71 mm
Weight 655g (Wired version), 850g (Wireless version)

Hand Held Remote Control

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