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At COSMOLIGHT, we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of lighting fixtures, rigging equipment and suspension system for TV studios, broadcast, video productions, locations, theatres, auditoria and architectural applications worldwide.From a small set to a large TV studio, we can provide customized lighting and suspension solutions. Our customers can rely on dedicated technical support for planning and design, budgeting, installation, operation, and maintenance at all times.

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Professional Luminaires and Accessories for Video and Photo


World-Renowned Brand of Professional Lighting Fixtures


High-Quality Lighting Suspension Equipment and Services



Cosmolight focuses on quality and reliability over time, using high-quality components and special treatments to deliver long-lasting lighting fixtures.

Quality and Reliability over time

Only top quality components and special high-temperature treatments to deliver high-quality, rugged, long-lasting lighting fixtures that will perform for years.

Time and cost savings

Easy to service and maintain based on fast service access. Interchangeable accessories and spare parts reduce the need to stock many specific accessories for each product.


A worldwide network of local distributors and project partners provides project management and full technical support. A comprehensive stock of spares whenever they are needed.

Experience and Expertise

Experienced and high skilled people carry out the whole production process from design, through assembly, testing, and packing. Dedicated people who have contributed to product success are still part of it today.


All products are realized in full compliance with international labour standards and in accordance with the most severe safety regulations.


brand offers an extensive range of professional luminaires and accessories for video productions, photographic applications, and virtual sets.
is a world-renowned brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-performance, reliable, and low-maintenance professional lighting fixtures.

led panel

lighting accessories

Fluorescent fixtures

Tungsten Fixtures

Portable lighting kits

Multilamp Fixtures


Discover the ultimate combination of style and functionality with our lighting products

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is the reference brand in the lighting and rigging industry, internationally recognized for the extensive experience and expertise in providing high quality and reliable lighting suspension equipment and related services.


Scenery & chandelier hoists

Self-climbing lighting hoists

Lighting hoists

Heavy duty lighting hoists

Control systems


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Our Portfolio of Professional Lighting Solutions

Step into our world of professional lighting solutions and explore our portfolio gallery. From stunning stage productions to impactful architectural lighting, our gallery showcases the diversity and quality of our work. Discover the possibilities of light and let us inspire your next project.

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